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Star Fucker XL Teardrop Plug

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Blast off to a universe of personalized pleasure with the Star Fucker XL Teardrop Plug. A stretchy, silicone dual enhancer is paired with a sleek, seamless metal probe for versatile support, enhancement, and even tantalizing temperature play. The supple silicone dual enhancer was created to increase stamina, improve sensitivity and deliver superior erection support. Get playful by using the dual enhancer and metallic probe together, and don't forget they can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The flexible probe is made from a smooth, seamless aluminum alloy that retains heat or cold for a one-of-a-kind temperature play experience. While you expand your horizons with the bulbous teardrop plug, use the sparkling gem adorned base for steamy stimulation, effortless insertion and gentle removal. The view gets even better from behind with the sparkling gem base.

Streamlined design for enhanced stimulation
Smooth and seamless metallic probe (Aluminum alloy)
Metal plug and enhancer disassemble for easy cleaning
Acrylic gem
Stretchy and durable silicone enhancer
Multi-purpose design for personalized support and enhancement
Non-tarnishing, nickel free
Multi-use design
Metal retains heat or cold for temperature play

Enhancer: 7" x 2.25" / 17.75cm x 5.75cm
Plug: 3.5" x 1.5" / 9cm x 3.75cm
Strap: 3" x 0.5" / 7.5cm x 1.25cm
Large ring diameter: 1.75" / 4.5cm
Small ring diameter: 1.5" / 3.75cm