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Pretty Love

Pretty Love Phoenix Licking Rabbit - Pink

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Do you wish that you could recreate that incredible feeling of receiving oral while enjoying penetration? Your prayers are answered by the Pretty Love Clit Suction Rabbit Vibrator. This unique rabbit has a modern twist, featuring a sucking clitoral stimulator and a powerful vibrating G-spot massager for the earth-shattering orgasm of your fantasies. With silicone tongue on the head to lick and brush against you for intense arousal. A triple threat of stimulation, this unmissable toy offers licking, sucking and vibrating action let this Rabbit accompany your sexual happiness moments.

The Phoenix vibrator has now arrived. The vibrator provides intense clitoral stimulation as well as simultaneous internal stimulation of the G-spot in the vagina. It is ideal for both couples for warming up and for solo play! The clitoral stimulation is provided through the shortest limb which has a rabbit design for maximum anatomical stimulation as well as pulse wave function, while the G-point stimulation is possible through the movements of the tongue which is located at the tip of the vibrator. The triple action of the vibrator with pulse wave and vibration in the clitoris and the vibration at the G point, this vibrator will give you the opportunity to experience unique orgasms!

4 sucking settings
7 vibration settings
2 AAA batteries (not included)
Material: silicone