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Power Play Flickering Tongue - Pink

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A soft, silky tongue flicking expertly across your clit and teasing around your lips is one of the most heavenly sensations you ever experienced. Now, you don’t have to wait for your lover to make it happen. The incredibly soft and smooth power play flickering tongue is ready to please you any time you crave an eager mouth all over your most sensitive spots.

Unlike a real tongue, the flickering tongue offers 3intense speeds of vibration to please you exactly the way you like it. Tease yourself and increase speeds slowly or dive right into the main attraction and send yourself skyrocketing to oral orgasms like never before. Every sensation is in your hands with the ergonomically curved controller featuring an easy push button control, feminine colors, chic silver accents, and an irresistibly smooth design.

The flickering massager is totally waterproof for fun in or out of the water. It measures in at 4 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, the perfect size. Enjoy the massager both alone or with a partner—go wild as it pleases your clit while he thrusts against your g-spot or tease those sensitive lips while your partner stimulates your pleasure zones. The possibilities are truly endless with this versatile stimulator.

Getting started is easy. Just slip in 4 AAA batteries, press the button on the bottom of the controller, and you’ll be ready for licking, tickling, flickering bliss. Treat yourself to a personalized oral experience and try this tickling tongue for yourself.


4AAA (Not Included)

1 Year Warranty

4in x 1.5in / 10.25cm x 3.75cm (Stimulator)