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Lux Fetish

Peek-a-Boo Love Mask - Red

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Introduce your lover to erotic mysteries of sensory deprivation with the Peek-a-boo Love Mask. This fully adjustable velvet blindfold offers full coverage for absolutely no peeking. Keeps your lover guessing all night long.

Delight in the heightened sensation of a partner’s touch with the help of the luxuriously soft and comfortable Peek-A-Boo Love Mask by Lux Fetish. Available in an eye-catching passionate red color, this blindfold is a stylish touch for your pajamas or your sexiest lingerie styles. Featuring a soft velvet lining, this blindfold rests over the eyes comfortably with dual elastic straps that keep the blindfold securely in place. A blindfold isn’t just for helping you get some sleep; the Lux Fetish Peek-A-Boo Mask removes your sense of sight, which leads to a heightened sense of touch. Incorporate this mask into your couples’ play to enhance foreplay and open the door to other forms of sensory play. Surprise your blindfolded partner with the touch of different materials, temperatures and even taste.