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Pdx Elite Motobator 2

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Experience the ultimate hands-free experience! The new and improved motor in the Motor Bator 2 will give you the most intense suction, vibration, and powerful piston-action thrusting you have ever experienced. Suction and thrusting can be enjoyed both together and separately!

The Moto Bator 2 elevates masturbation with an ultra-strong rechargeable motor powering active vibration, suction, and intensified piston-action thrusting for the ultimate stroker experience! This unparalleled pleasure combination creates a perfect storm of sensation for heightened solo sex sessions that can be customized to your personal mood. Vibration, suction, and thrusting can be enjoyed together and separately!

 Approximately 9.1" (23cm) in total length with 5" (12.7cm) penetrable. It's about 3.4" (8.6cm) in total width and 2.6" (6.5cm) in inner diameter.