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Jackt Stroker - White Ice

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Thick and rubbery, Jackt is heavy with inner nubs and ridges to stroke your Huj, no vent-hole for max suction... gripper finger ring outer ribs equal non-slip grip. JACKT stroker is made of blubbery rubbery-soft stretch Plus+SILICONE mix designed for a sloppy jo feel this thing has hj nubby things and ribs and it gets narrower and wider inside, so many new feels for your knob.

Finger ring
Material: silicone
Inner nubs
Ridges and grip
Big. Rubbery. Thick walls for extra meaty JO
Inner nubs all around the opening, ripply humps further in
Finger hole rubbery loop for no-slip grip
Rubbery fat outer rim in case you pound hard