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Fantasy Series Spinning Swing - Black

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Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted...Now any couple can perform the most difficult most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined - and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse. Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this incredible Spinning Fantasy Swing. Perfect for lovers of different sizes the Spinning Fantasy Swing easily adjusts to any height, eliminating uncomfortable positions that interfere with each other's arousal. Unlike ordinary stationary swings the Spinning Fantasy rotates 360 degrees allowing you to spin freely while you swing with increased range of motion. Twist twirl and try new positions you never thought were possible. The unique swivel clip connects to the torsion spinning and swing frame turning the fantasy swing into the ultimate bondage accessory. It's perfect for beginners and fun for everyone. Suggested max weight is 350 lbs. (159kg).


  • Heavy duty steel eyelet bolt
  • Heavy duty link chain
  • Torsion spring
  • Metal support bar
  • 2 x large, padded supports
  • 2 x small, padded supports
  • 2 x EZ-Open connector hooks
  • Swivel clip
  • Instructions